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Vivitrol: An Important Tool for Recovery

2022-11-06T13:34:27-05:00April 24, 2020|Addiction, Addiction Medicine, Addiction Recovery, Medication Assisted Treatment MAT, Recovery Coach, Recovery Coaching, suboxone and vivitrol|

Vivitrol is a relatively new medication used to manage alcohol or opioid dependence. It’s a long-acting injection of the drug naltrexone, effective for about 28 days, which offers the convenience of a once-a-month injection over taking a pill every day. Vivitrol is a “hard stop” to opiate addiction; once it’s in the body, it’s impossible for the person taking it to get “high” from opioids.

Recovery Coach: Four Reasons to Use One

2020-04-12T11:16:06-04:00April 12, 2020|Recovery Coach|

lcohol. I like to think of coaching as a way to bring recovery into “real life.” Treatment centers and therapy can also be very useful, but recovery coaching is unique in that it focuses on on-the-ground problem solving for the day-to-day.

12-Steps: from imperfection to perfection

2022-11-06T10:53:36-05:00April 10, 2020|Addiction, Addiction Recovery, Addiction Recovery Programs, Articles, Recovery Coach, Recovery Coaching|

I don’t know how I got to 12 years, but I do know that I stuck out going to recovery meetings; I have few that I regularly attend, week after week, year after year. My friends are in these meetings. I recognize just about everyone in attendance, and I look forward to going and catching up with them weekly.

Recovery After Rehab: There Has to Be A Plan

2022-11-06T11:48:55-05:00February 25, 2020|Addiction, Addiction Recovery, Alcohol and Drug Interventions, Alcoholics Anonymous, Concierge Recovery Services, Family Interventions, Family Recovery, Recovery Coach, Recovery Coaching|

A 30-day treatment program is only the beginning of recovery; the most important part of treatment is what happens when someone returns home. After care for rehabilitation is essential to the full recovery process. Maintaining sobriety in the confines of a treatment center is easy, but when someone returns home all of the stressors and triggers will still be there.  

Long Island Interventions: The Hamptons & Fire Island

2022-11-06T21:04:45-05:00November 7, 2019|Addiction, Addiction Recovery, Alcohol and Drug Interventions, Articles, How to Host an Intervention, LGBTQ Addiction Recovery, Recovery Coach|

Developing a plan of recovery is the most important part of a successful intervention and this process can take several days before an intervention takes place.  There are many factors that must be considered when choosing a rehabilitation program, including what is covered by insurance and what facility or program is right for the particular individual.  

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