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Drug and Alcohol Interventions: Do They Work?

2022-11-06T13:59:03-05:00March 22, 2022|Addiction Recovery, Family Interventions, Family Recovery, How to Host an Intervention|

When families contact us here at Suntra Modern Recovery, one of the most common questions is about the success rate of our addiction intervention services. What we’ve found is that many people have little or no understanding of what an intervention is. In pop culture and the media, interventions are portrayed as...

Aftercare: Reintegrating the Family

2022-11-06T11:20:06-05:00April 10, 2020|Addiction, Addiction Recovery Programs, Alcoholics Anonymous, Articles, Family Interventions, Family Recovery, Our Stories, Recovery Coach, Recovery Coaching|

Returning home, after treatment, is where the rubber meets the road in recovery. Most treatment facilities have family programs where clinicians begin working with the family as soon as the patient checks in. This can be key to long-term success, for both the patient and the family.

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