Tell It Like It Really Is

I encourage family members to support and celebrate any level of recovery, but also to verbalize how this level of recovery affects them. Family members might not be ready to fully repair relationships at this level. The person suffering needs to hear the truth.

October 18, 2021|

The Addict, Family System and Roles We Play

The addict is the major focus of the family. So family members spend much of their time and energy dealing with the addict unconsciously. This includes helping, enabling, or covering up their behavior to preserve the norm.

October 12, 2021|

Alcoholics Anonymous: Building the foundation of AA (with a dog named True)

I learned about the concept of a Higher Power from True. She wanted the best for me; she didn’t want me to suffer or relapse. Prior to making True my Higher Power, I would happily argue with anyone about religion. But after I met True, I no longer put up a fight about it. If a dog could be my driving force, who was I to argue against anyone else’s beliefs?

October 12, 2021|

Identifying Triggers While Getting Sober

g to sober, identifying triggers that might stand in the way of recovery is necessary. It's not uncommon for people who struggle with addictions to relapse at least once during recovery due to these triggers. Some even fall off the wagon several times before committing to sobriety.

October 12, 2021|

Long Term Addiction Recovery Programs: 8 Essential Elements

here are two very successful programs with proven results for long-term recovery. They are; the Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS) for pilots and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for physicians.  Both programs boast an above an 80% success rate at long-term recovery. Other general programs without a similar foundation have a success rate of less than 20%.

October 12, 2021|

Addiction is a response to trauma – my Halloween story

I don’t know how a trauma in my family a few generations back might show up in my life, that is until I recently passed up buying a pumpkin. I stood in front of a beautiful pumpkin at a farm stand. It was marked half price and I stood in front of it, frozen, unable to decide if I wanted to buy it. I walked away from that pumpkin feeling sick to my stomach.

August 9, 2021|

Go anywhere your recovery takes you

Whether you’re at-home or away, Suntra virtual care options give our clients access to concierge recovery services from anywhere in the world. So you can go where your recovery takes you.

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