After Treatment: Walking Back Into Real Life

For someone to successfully recover, work needs to be done in his or her daily living situations. This takes time. There is a saying that anyone can stay sober in a treatment facility. Additional time and energy must be spend on recovery on return home.

February 25, 2020|

Recovery After Rehab: There Has to Be A Plan

A 30-day treatment program is only the beginning of recovery; the most important part of treatment is what happens when someone returns home. After care for rehabilitation is essential to the full recovery process. Maintaining sobriety in the confines of a treatment center is easy, but when someone returns home all of the stressors and triggers will still be there.  

February 25, 2020|

The Sinclair Method For Safer Alcohol Consumption

The Sinclair Method utilizes a medication, called naltrexone, to help people reduce the amount of alcohol consumed. This medication helps reduce the cravings for alcohol. Unlike complete abstinence, this pharmacological approach is attractive, as it does allow the alcoholic to drink small amounts.

February 24, 2020|

How Pre-flight Planning and Intervention Are Related

I liken my approach to addiction interventions to that of getting an airplane ready to fly. Just as a pilot must exhaust a list of external factors in order to fly successfully, a successful intervention requires just as much forethought.

February 22, 2020|

MBA Lessons in Recovery: Building Social Capital

As I observe people in recovery meetings, I have observed that the people that jump into the program and "work it" seem to have the best success. An adage is "meeting makers make it". But why is it that meeting makers make it?

February 10, 2020|

Long Island Recovery and Long Island Interventions

Recovery can begin in many ways, at Suntra we are always ready to answer the phone an help out. Suntra provides addiction support and intervention services in New York City and in all cities of Long Island and the Hamptons.

February 7, 2020|

My Journey Quitting Juul: Relapse, Recovery, and Maintenance (Part 3)

I have to think about my addiction almost daily and remember why I want to quit. If I don’t consciously think about recovery, it would be easy to pick up a JUUL Again. Just like I did when I recovered from alcohol, I keep counting days. I badly want to be free of this addiction.

February 7, 2020|

Go anywhere your recovery takes you

Whether you’re at-home or away, Suntra virtual care options give our clients access to concierge recovery services from anywhere in the world. So you can go where your recovery takes you.

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