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Adam Banks – My Story

2022-10-18T19:10:02-04:00November 6, 2021|Alcohol and Drug Interventions|

It took me a full two years to finally “get” lasting sobriety.  I have used my sobriety as a launch pad for my life.   After I got sober, I was able to really focus on the company that I had started.  I gave a physician friend just enough money to start his own medical practice.  

Long Term Addiction Recovery Programs: 8 Essential Elements

2022-10-18T19:54:58-04:00October 12, 2021|Addiction Recovery, Addiction Recovery Programs, Alcohol and Drug Interventions, Family Recovery, Recovery Coach|

here are two very successful programs with proven results for long-term recovery. They are; the Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS) for pilots and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for physicians.  Both programs boast an above an 80% success rate at long-term recovery. Other general programs without a similar foundation have a success rate of less than 20%.

Addiction is a response to trauma – my Halloween story

2022-11-06T11:12:34-05:00August 9, 2021|Addiction, Addiction Recovery, Addiction Recovery Programs, Alcohol and Drug Interventions, Articles, Family Interventions, Family Recovery, Interventions, Our Stories, Recovery Coach, Recovery Coaching|

I don’t know how a trauma in my family a few generations back might show up in my life, that is until I recently passed up buying a pumpkin. I stood in front of a beautiful pumpkin at a farm stand. It was marked half price and I stood in front of it, frozen, unable to decide if I wanted to buy it. I walked away from that pumpkin feeling sick to my stomach.

Going to recovery meetings isn’t optional – I don’t like cooking, but I still do it

2022-10-18T20:04:03-04:00August 9, 2021|Addiction Recovery Programs, Alcohol and Drug Interventions, Articles, Family Interventions|

I don’t like to do a lot of things in my adult life, and yet every day I do them.  From courses in college I hated, to going to the grocery store and unloading the dishwasher, adulthood is filled with tasks that range from mundane to miserable. Everyday I do things that I don’t like or want to do and I still get them  done and the same goes for attending 12-step meetings.  I have to do it. Still, people entering into recovery have a lot to say about why they don’t like 12-step meetings, why they don’t want to go, and why it won’t work for them.

My Story on Addiction

2020-11-28T18:31:41-05:00November 28, 2020|Alcohol and Drug Interventions|

In recovery I have been able to do some amazing things. I adopted two children from Colombia, graduated from a top business school, and I started and sold a successful company. Getting sober has been, without a doubt, that one best accomplishments of my life.

Case Study: The Pilot (Claire)

2020-08-04T20:24:00-04:00August 4, 2020|Alcohol and Drug Interventions, Recovery Coach|

Through a 90 day coaching program, Claire set specific goals to reduce his drinking – and ultimately, she actually chose to become sober. By taking action, Claire was able to get her drinking under control and avoid any damage to his career at the airline and avoid a reportable health condition to the FAA.

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