The Suntra founder talks about addiction, Navigating Recovery, and life as an interventionist.

On the latest episode of the podcast A New Way with Aynisa Leonardo, Adam Banks discusses his new book, Navigating Recovery Ground School. The book draws on Banks’ experiences as a “functional alcoholic” while working as a commercial airline pilot, and how his addiction spiraled out of control after the events of 9/11. While Banks’ experiences are unique—even incredible, at times—the emotions behind his story are familiar to anyone that’s battled with substance use.

More about Adam Banks and Suntra Modern Recovery

Adam Banks is the founder of Suntra Modern Recovery, and a certified recovery coach and interventionist that’s helped hundreds of men and women who are suffering because of addiction. Suntra Modern Recovery offers concierge addiction services, including addiction medicine, psychiatric counseling, family counseling, case management, and more.


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