For families with a loved one that’s struggling with addiction or alcoholism, a recovery coach can provide much-needed guidance through the most challenging parts of the recovery process

Watching a family member struggle with addiction is one of the hardest, most painful things that a parent, sibling, or spouse can experience. The loved ones of addicts and alcoholics experience many of the same emotions as their addicted family member, including feelings of helplessness, anger, anxiety, confusion, fear, depression, and more.

What these family members are feeling is a form of PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) that doesn’t just disappear when their loved one goes to treatment. Treating addiction as a family disease instead of an individual problem is beneficial to everyone in the family, addicted or otherwise. Not only can family treatment help reduce stigma and shame, but it also helps individual family members process what they’ve experienced, and begin the healing process. This shared healing experience can be an opportunity to bring the family closer together, and strengthen relationships within the family as well.

Treating addiction as a family disease helps everyone in the family recover together

There are a number of treatment options for people with addiction, but unfortunately there’s not a lot of treatment options for their families. Outside of Al-Anon (a 12-step program designed to support the families of alcoholics) there aren’t very many treatment options where a family can get help for the emotional pain caused by a loved one’s addiction, but here at Suntra Modern Recovery, we aim to change that with our Concierge Recovery Services designed specifically for families affected by addiction.

Addiction Recovery Support Group

Suntra Modern Recovery is changing the way people think about addiction. Rather than focusing on just the person in crisis, we treat the disease of addiction as a family disease. With Suntra’s Family Recovery service, families can take an active role in their loved one’s recovery. And we encourage families to weigh treatment options together, and decide on an inpatient, outpatient, or hybrid model that works best for everyone in the family, and not just the person that’s actively addicted. But Family Recovery isn’t the only service that’s right for families.

Suntra’s recovery coaching services can help families heal together as their loved one seeks treatment

A recovery coach is a trained professional who works with individuals and families struggling with addiction recovery, and provide emotional, educational, and practical support to clients and their family. Recovery coaches help clients identify their recovery goals, develop strategies for achieving them, help identify triggers and keep their recovery on track. Recovery coaches can also help clients get started in peer support groups like AA, family groups like Al-Anon, and even help them explore non-12-step support groups.

Suntra Recovery Coaches take the same principals that help addicts and alcoholics recover, and we apply them to non-addicted family members. Family members often don’t know the first thing about addiction, let alone how to help their loved one conquer it. Suntra Recovery Coaches are there to bridge the gaps and provide much needed support, guidance, and even the occasional hug.

Recovery coaching can be especially beneficial to families that have a loved one already in treatment

A recovery coach provides the family with guidance and counseling as their loved one goes through recovery. We help our clients and their families stay accountable, and we help them make the most difficult decisions, like choosing an inpatient treatment option, choosing a family counselor or therapist, or weighing different long term and aftercare options. Through group and 1-on-1 counseling, we teach family members about boundaries, and how to keep a healthy distance from someone who’s in active addiction.

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Recovery coaches are also equipped to address issues that may arise during recovery such as relapse prevention or family dynamics. Family members may not be aware of the challenges their loved one is facing. We encourage open and honest communication within the family unit to help everyone gain a better understanding of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that their loved one is feeling. Our goal is to help everyone in the family grow, heal, and get back to living their best sober life.

How can a recovery coach help my loved one recover from addiction?

A recovery coach can be a valuable asset in addiction recovery. By providing guidance and support, recovery coaches help individuals develop personalized recovery plans and build tools for living an addiction-free life. Additionally, recovery coaches provide family members with the resources they need to better understand and support their loved one’s recovery journey. By combining individualized support with family-focused treatment, we help families come together, so they can heal together. Recovery coaches provide encouragement, motivation, accountability and resources to those in recovery from addiction and their families, leading them on a path to long-term success.

We help families understand triggers and cravings so they can help to create a healthy home environment that encourages long-term sobriety

A recovery coach can help your family come together to heal and support each other as your loved one recovers from addiction. Recovery coaches will provide guidance on how to create a safe recovery environment, talk openly about addiction recovery, and build positive relationships with the individual in recovery. Through recovery coaching, families can develop skills and strategies that will benefit their loved one’s recovery journey.

At its core, recovery coaching is about providing hope and support to those struggling with addiction recovery. It helps individuals stay accountable towards achieving their recovery goals and provides family members with the resources and guidance they need to better understand addiction recovery. If you or someone you know is looking for help in overcoming an addiction, consider talking to a recovery coach today. They could be the key that unlocks your family’s path to recovery from addiction and a life without alcohol and drugs.

— Suntra Modern Recovery 2023

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