What is Family Recovery?

Family Recovery is a therapeutic model that promotes healing and growth within a family system when someone in the family is struggling with addiction.

In Family Recovery, family members take an active role in their loved one’s treatment plan, and family members receive regular updates as their loved one progresses through treatment.

Family Recovery helps make sense of the chaos

Family Recovery services help frustrated loved ones make sense of the chaos and heartbreak caused by addiction. But while addiction can cause great pain and disruption within a family, it can also be an opportunity for the family to come together and support one another through the difficult times.

We help our clients navigate the emotional and practical elements of recovery, giving family members a safe, supportive environment to vent their frustrations, ask questions, and work towards a common goal of recovery together.

What can Family Recovery do for your family?

Family Recovery gives Suntra clients the support and resources they need to heal, grow, and support their loved one together. Family Recovery services can also help families:

  • Choose the right treatment providers and aftercare options for their loved one

  • Understand the features and benefits of different recovery models

  • Learn how to be supportive without enabling, and how to set healthy boundaries

  • Learn about triggers and how to manage a substance-free household

  • Find local 12-step meetings and support groups, including Al-Anon

  • Recognize the warning signs of relapse, and what to do if a relapse occurs

Rebuild trust within the household

One of the primary functions of Family Recovery services is to help families rebuild the trust and confidence that may have been lost while their loved ones struggled with addiction. The healing process takes time, but the results are incredible. Help your family get back to the way things were before.

For families experiencing a loved one’s addiction, we suggest Recovery Coaching for the individual and Family Recovery for their loved ones.

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Family Recovery works wonders

Family Recovery restores stability and safety to households that have been disrupted by years of addictive behavior.

Family Recovery improves communication and cooperation within families, as well as helping to reduce the stigma and shame that family members may feel because of their loved one’s addiction.

We help families learn how to empathize with their loved one, without enabling or making excuses for them.

Our Commitment

Suntra Modern Recovery is committed to providing outstanding evidence-based clinical care, backed by the latest science in addiction medicine and psychiatric treatments. We deliver an amazing client experience driven by ethical principles centered around the health and wellbeing of our clients.

We’re committed to giving our clients the absolute best care and support, no matter where they are. Virtual care options let Suntra clients communicate with coaches, clinicians, and specialists from anywhere in the United States.

**some medical licensing restrictions may apply, talk to your case manager for more details**

Addiction isn’t one-size-fits-all, and neither is recovery. Suntra’s concierge recovery services are custom-tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients. Choose the services and clinical solutions that work best for you and your loved ones, with guidance from a team of experienced recovery experts.

Suntra Modern Recovery services are built on a foundation of personal experience battling—and defeating—addiction. Our coaches and interventionists connect with clients on a personal level, helping them identify the thoughts, feelings, triggers, and impulses behind their addiction.
Suntra doesn’t run on experience alone; all of our staff members are clinically trained and certified in their areas of focus. By combining the benefits of personal experience with the effectiveness of clinical therapies, Suntra Modern Recovery is able to deliver better, more effective care for people with addiction.

Get Help Whenever, Wherever You Need It

Whether you’re at-home or away, Suntra Modern Recovery’s virtual care options give our clients access to high quality addiction and mental health support services from anywhere in the world.