Introducing: Suntra Modern Recovery Journal Club


As we begin the new year, we’re excited to launch our regular video discussion series that we refer to as “Journal Club”.  The launch of Suntra Modern Recovery Journal Club is an opportunity for us (John and JL) to talk about interesting things that we’re reading and hearing from our clients that we think will be of interest to the Suntra Modern Recovery community.

The inspiration for Journal Club comes from JL’s experience in his medical training where doctors come together on a weekly basis to review interesting medical research and further their clinical knowledge.  Our hope is that as we share our learnings and behind the scenes discussions we’ll be able to help our readers and viewers grow their knowledge about addiction and recovery.  We’ll keep the Journal Club discussions short (usually 10 to 15 minutes) and we look forward to being able to post weekly.

In our first official Journal Club session we’ll be revisiting John’s interview on the HBO Max show, “Pause with Sam Jay”.  In season 2, episode 6, John was interviewed by comedian Sam Jay about addiction and gets to help her explore the question of “am I an alcoholic?”  In this Journal Club we’ll talk about the experience of being interviewed for TV and some of the key findings that came out of the discussion.

You can find a full writeup of the Sam Jay HBO interview with John Roesch on our blog.