Suntra CEO Dr. Jean-Luc Neptune appeared on Is It Serious? to talk about Ambien and how to recognize the signs of addiction

We’ve all heard the stories about Ambien. It’s an often-prescribed sleep aid that can have dangerous consequences if misused. Ambien is a sedative-hypnotic drug and works by slowing down the activity of the brain, allowing people to fall asleep. But Ambien can be addictive, with some users experiencing Ambien addiction and withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit taking Ambien. This makes it incredibly important for people who are prescribed Ambien to understand the associated risks before using it as a sleep aid.

For people with addiction, Ambien’s risk factors outweigh its benefits

The most common side effects associated with Ambien include memory problems, hallucinations, extreme fatigue, mental confusion, and difficulty concentrating. People may also experience impaired judgement or coordination, increased anxiety levels, restlessness, and agitation after taking ambien. These severe side effects can be especially dangerous if Ambien is taken with other drugs, alcohol, or in larger doses than prescribed.

People who become addicted to Ambien may find that they need higher and higher doses to sleep, leading to an Ambien addiction and potentially even a physical dependence on the drug. Abruptly stopping Ambien can lead to withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sweating, shaking, insomnia, anxiety, irritability and depression. In some cases people have reported suicidal thoughts after taking Ambien for extended periods of time.

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Reposted from Is It Serious?: Getting to the root of sleep struggles might take longer than popping a pill, but good sleep hygiene and bedtime habits are a healthier solution. Relying on Ambien or other sleep medicines for an extended period of time can have long-term side effects. JL and Mark talk about sleep and sleep aids; when to use them and when to try an alternative method.

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