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Help someone battling drug or alcohol use find the care they need with our concierge intervention service

Suntra Modern Recovery: Concierge Drug And Alcohol Intervention Service

At Suntra, we’re experts in the treatment of substance use disorders. Our intervention services are based on a loving and inclusive approach. We deliver intervention services via videoconference and mobile phone, tailoring our programs to the needs of each client. We are committed to providing outstanding clinical care, backed by the latest science, and an amazing client experience driven by ethical principles.

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What is an intervention?

An intervention is the start of a new direction in someone's recovery and a new direction for that person’s family. For an intervention to be successful a long term plan of recovery needs to be put in place. Suntra interventions are based on a loving and family centered approach.

Modern interventions are a process and not a one-off event. We will be with you for the months that recovery will take. A plan is created to help someone determine the appropriate care, be engaged while there, and most importantly have a structured long-term recovery plan in place afterward.
We offer three types of interventions:
  • Emergency Intervention:

    An emergency intervention is required when the person of concern is engaged in dangerous activity exposing themselves or others to significant risks such as physical illness, high risk of overdose, and/or legal or child protective involvement.

  • 90 Day - Comprehensive Intervention

    Successful recovery takes time; our comprehensive program combines an intervention with our proven coaching program, assuring a vision and the foundation for lasting recovery. By engaging the family, comprehensive care helps the person of concern identify their problem and willingly accept treatment.

  • Intensive Coaching:

    Our goal is to get the person of concern engaged in recovery. We understand that many people can’t attend traditional 28-day treatment programs due to family and work commitments and our comprehensive program offers a convenient and affordable alternative.

On the initial call for assistance, we will help you navigate what the best options are for treatment; together we will develop a plan that is very likely to succeed.
Suntra Modern Recovery is a private-pay service and we do not accept insurance. Our clients appreciate the confidentiality that private-pay ensures and the ability to work with us directly without worrying about decisions made by third-party insurers. Total out-of-pocket cost generally depends on what level of service is provided, but typically ranges from $1,000 - $5,000 per month.
When is an intervention necessary?

The problem of addiction may have gone on for years, a significant change-in-events may require immediate action (often financial or legal). Loved ones want “the old person back”. Adam discusses when is the right time to consider an intervention.

An Intervention is a Process, Not an Event

Engaging the loved one and the family, creating a long term plan, and building trust is the most effective way to have lasting recovery. A Suntra intervention is a positive experience, and not a shocking one.

Developing a plan for a successful intervention

The most important part of an intervention is creating a plan of recovery. Plans must be affordable and well thought out for them to be successful. In the midst of a crisis of addiction, its difficult to navigate all of the options of recovery, and many considerations need to be addressed in a short time period.

Stages of change of recovery

There is a wide gap between actively using and entering a treatment program. The individual that needs help may not see it, and may not be ready for change. An intervention helps someone to see the situation that they are in and prepare them to make a change.

Call us at 646-350-0064. Let us help you!

This team was great. We needed an intervention for a family member and they’re service was really impactful at a crucial time. Personable and detailed and with the right amount of tough love to get our loved one the care they need. Intervention was successful for our loved one.

Tony V.

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Adam Banks at Suntra was very helpful in my family member achieving recovery. He started with a long conversation about options and helped to make a plan. We had to do an intervention, he was with us the entire time. We had a million questions and he was patient with everyone. He should have been a school teacher. Very outstanding gentleman.

Jamie G.

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I have worked professionally with the team at Suntra. They have treated all of my clients with the utmost respect and dignity. There is no stigma around addiction with Suntra - they dive right in and figure out what's going on - and they help out. I have seen their interventions first hand - they approach addiction with love and understanding.

Elwood D.

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