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Suntra CEO Talks Physician Burnout on the Is It Serious? Podcast

2023-01-22T14:41:01-05:00February 3, 2023|Addiction Medicine, Addiction News, Appearances, Articles, Mental Health, Podcasts|

In this episode of the Is It Serious? podcast, Suntra CEO Dr. Jean-Luc Neptune talks about physician burnout, and what doctors, and patients, can do about it. But what is physician burnout? Keep reading and find out. Physician burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress in the workplace.

Inpatient Rehab May Not Be the Answer

2023-01-29T17:32:25-05:00January 27, 2023|Addiction, Articles, Family Recovery, Opinions, Recovery Coaching|

Most addiction treatment specialists recommend going to an inpatient treatment center for a period 30 days or more. But while inpatient treatment is successful for some, this one-size-fits-all approach to recovery doesn't work for everyone. Many people suffering from addiction graduate from an inpatient rehab facility, only to find themselves back in detox or rehab (or both) less than a year later.

Recovery Coaches: Support When You Need it the Most

2023-01-22T14:06:06-05:00January 22, 2023|Addiction, Articles, Family Recovery, Recovery Coaching|

For decades, the process of recovery suggested by the medical community has remained largely unchanged. Go to an inpatient detox facility, then attend a 30- 60- or 90-day inpatient treatment facility or rehab, followed by a few months of outpatient groups and services. At that point, many counselors and specialists say your recovery should be on solid ground...

Coping With Addiction in the Workplace – Edison NJ Chamber of Commerce

2023-01-22T14:06:07-05:00January 15, 2023|Addiction, Addiction Medicine, Addiction News, Appearances, Articles, Videos|

In this video, Suntra CEO Dr. Jean-Luc Neptune participates in a panel for the Edison NJ Chamber of Commerce. The panel discusses how to cope with addiction in the workplace, and what we can do to help. Suntra Modern Recovery is proud to be a part of community endeavors to help people who are suffering from addiction, their families, and employers.

The New Legal Cannabis is More Dangerous Than You Think

2023-01-22T14:06:09-05:00December 29, 2022|Addiction, Addiction News, Articles, Editorials, Opinions|

There are many pro-cannabis arguments that make sense in passing, but a closer examination shows us that these "common sense" arguments only apply to cannabis users in the middle of the bell curve. It's likely that a substantial portion of cannabis users experience minimal side effects and little to no consequences from occasional use. But unfortunately, people with addiction issues don't respond to mind-altering substances the way the average person might.

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