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Unhappy Hour: John Roesch discusses alcoholism in the workplace

The pandemic was hard on everyone, but for people with addiction the isolation of sheltering in place presents unique challenges. In a recent post on Welcome to the Jungle blog, Suntra's Director of Recovery Services, John Roesch discusses how to manage the isolation of working from home in a post-pandemic world.

Is It Serious? podcast: Suntra CEO talks mental health and addiction

Reposted from our friends at the Is It Serious? podcast. May is mental health awareness month. Everyone deals with moments of sadness but how do you know when it's something deeper? Dr. Jean Luc Neptune and Dr. Mark Lewis normalize talking about depression and mental health and offer some useful skills and resources for dealing with sadness and depression.

Journal Club: John & JL Talk About the HBO Max Interview

In our first official Journal Club session we'll be revisiting John's interview on the HBO Max show, "Pause with Sam Jay".  In season 2, episode 6, John was interviewed by comedian Sam Jay about addiction and gets to help her explore the question of "am I an alcoholic?"  In this Journal Club we'll talk about the experience of being interviewed for TV and some of the key findings that came out of the discussion.

The New Legal Cannabis is More Dangerous Than You Think

There are many pro-cannabis arguments that make sense in passing, but a closer examination shows us that these "common sense" arguments only apply to cannabis users in the middle of the bell curve. It's likely that a substantial portion of cannabis users experience minimal side effects and little to no consequences from occasional use. But unfortunately, people with addiction issues don't respond to mind-altering substances the way the average person might.

‘PAUSE with Sam Jay’ interviews Suntra’s John Roesch for the HBO series

When it came time to talk about addiction and recovery, the PAUSE star reached out to our own John Roesch, Director of Recovery Services here at Suntra Modern Recovery. “I was excited about the opportunity to be interviewed by Sam J in season 2,” said Roesch. He continued, “she said that she was going to take a more introspective, personal look at issues that are important to her, and that resonated with me.”

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