Adam Banks, CIP CARC

Adam Banks has helped hundreds of people break free from drug and alcohol addictions by customizing programs and inspiring change.

"Successful recovery comes in many ways and many forms, I think everyone can achieve recovery through goal setting and continuous self improvement".

Adam began his career as an airline pilot and understands what it is like to function at a very high level and struggle with addiction. After the events of 9-11, Adam began a second career that allowed for his addiction to grow in tandem with personal success.

Having lived experience of addiction, Adam has created programs of recovery that allow people to work towards recovery in "real life".

Adam Banks, CIP, CARC is a founder of Suntra Modern Recovery and Head of Recovery Programs. Adam has 12 years of continuous sobriety, and is certified as an interventionist trained in the ARISE method and is also a certified addiction recovery coach, holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, and is an Airline Transport Pilot, the FAA's highest license.

Adam Banks, CIP CARC