Our Mission

At Suntra, recovery is personal to us. We provide next-level recovery services because we know what it’s like to suffer from addiction, and we know what it takes to recover and thrive. We give our clients all the support, guidance, and accountability that helped us recover ourselves.

Our personal experiences inform our mission and keep us grounded in the work we do every day. We combine our own experience with the latest in clinical training, and the most rigorous certifications in the industry. That’s why Suntra is able to deliver a standard of personalized care that other providers simply can’t live up to.

Our Team

Meet the physicians, clinicians and recovery professionals that power our next-level recovery services.

Jean-Luc Neptune, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Brandon Epting, CASAC

Recovery Coach


Recovery Coach & Therapist


Recovery Coach


Clinical Case Manager


Clinical Case Manager

Our Advisors


Co-founder of Health 2.0


Genoa Telepsychiatry


CTO of Spokenlayer


Co-founder of Health 2.0


Blueprint Health

Appearances and Press

Adam Banks leads a professional webinar discussion with our friends at The Recovery Village discussing the many opportunities to help patients with recovery coaching.

John Roesch was audio interviewed by the team at Soberlink where he talked about discharge planning and the potential for remote patient monitoring technologies.

Our Commitment

Suntra Modern Recovery is committed to providing outstanding evidence-based clinical care, backed by the latest science in addiction medicine and psychiatry. We deliver an amazing client experience driven by ethical principles and our commitment to provide next-level treatment for addiction and SUD (Substance Use Disorder)

We’re committed to giving our clients the absolute best care and support, no matter where they are. Virtual care options let Suntra clients communicate with coaches, clinicians, and specialists from anywhere in the United States.

**some medical licensing restrictions may apply, talk to your case manager for more details**

Addiction isn’t one-size-fits-all, and neither is recovery. Suntra’s concierge recovery services are custom-tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients. Choose the services and clinical solutions that work best for you and your loved ones, with guidance from a team of experienced recovery experts.

Suntra Modern Recovery services are built on a foundation of personal experience battling—and defeating—addiction. Our coaches and interventionists connect with clients on a personal level, helping them identify the thoughts, feelings, triggers, and impulses behind their addiction.
Suntra doesn’t run on experience alone; all of our staff members are clinically trained and certified in their areas of focus. By combining the benefits of personal experience with the effectiveness of clinical therapies, Suntra Modern Recovery is able to deliver better, more effective care for people with addiction.

Why Suntra?

Outstanding Quality Care

An expert team plus research-proven treatment protocols equals outstanding outcomes.

Amazing Client Service

Attention to detail and a focus on the client allows us to deliver an amazing service experience

No Judgments!

We’ll meet you wherever you are in your recovery and help you achieve your goals.

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

Discretion is key to what we do and we’re focused on maintaining confidentiality at all times.

Clear Pricing

Upfront prices communicated transparently and you will never receive a surprise bill.

Simple Communication

Whether by televisit, phone, email or text we make it easy to work with us.

A note about private pay

Suntra Modern Recovery is a private-pay service, we do not accept insurance. By keeping Suntra services private, we’re better able to protect our clients’ right to privacy, as well as the privacy of their family and loved ones.

Suntra clients appreciate the confidentiality that private-pay ensures, as well as the autonomy to make big decisions without worrying about approvals or referral-requirements from third-party insurers.

Get Help Whenever, Wherever You Need It

Whether you’re at-home or away, Suntra Modern Recovery’s virtual care options give our clients access to high quality addiction and mental health support services from anywhere in the world.