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Suntra Modern Recovery

Discreet, professional, judgment-free recovery services for families affected by addiction.

Our Specialty

We’re family addiction & recovery experts
(so you don’t have to be)

Addiction can feel like an insurmountable problem, especially for families with no prior experience with substance use disorders. It’s difficult to know how to start, who to call, or where to go for the best, most effective treatment and support.

Suntra’s specialty is helping individuals and families with no prior experience in addiction or recovery. We provide service and support while building personalized treatment plans that are tailored to each client’s individual needs.

Our Service

Concierge support before, during, and after treatment

The Suntra team provides coordinated care and much-needed continuity between peer support, physicians and treatment providers. Keeping the lines of communication open restores trust and gives families peace of mind as their loved one moves through treatment and into long-term recovery.

Our Commitment

Your family deserves a higher standard of care

Combining our own experience with rigorous clinical training and certifications, Suntra delivers a standard of personalized care that other providers simply can’t live up to.

  • Our clinical care team members are trained and certified in multiple SAMHSA-approved treatment styles

  • Personalized care plans that meet clients where they are in recovery

  • Access to a nationwide network of recovery professionals, clinicians and treatment providers

  • Remote patient monitoring and at-home treatment options

  • Help connecting with local recovery meetings and support groups

  • Long-term support and aftercare options

Our Mission

Provide next-level service & support for families affected by addiction

At Suntra, recovery is personal to us. We provide next-level recovery services because we know what it’s like to suffer from addiction, and we know what it takes to recover and thrive. We give our clients all the support, guidance, and accountability that helped us recover ourselves.

Our Promise

You can do this. We can help.

Whether you’re looking for yourself, a loved one, or your whole family, you’re in the right place. Our concierge recovery services are proven to help otherwise-successful, motivated individuals recover from addiction.

for individuals

If you’re battling an addiction to alcohol or drugs, and you want to stop but don’t know how, Suntra Modern Recovery can help. Our individual services are totally customizable: we meet our clients where they are in their recovery journey.

Suntra’s concierge recovery services are designed to give otherwise-successful, motivated people the resources and guidance they need to defeat addiction, once and for all.

for families

If you have a loved one who needs treatment but doesn’t know how to ask for it, Suntra Modern Recovery can help.

We offer recovery services that provide support not only for the person for with the addiction, but also for the family and friend network.  Our services help concerned family members and friends get educated about addiction, while providing the resources and guidance needed to defeat addiction together.

for professionals

If you are an addiction psychiatrist, therapist, or residential addiction treatment provider and you need help supporting your client with wrap-around outpatient services, Suntra Modern Recovery can help.

If you’re a family lawyer, human resources professional, or wealth manager, our professional team can deliver a customized support solution that will help your team succeed and achieve their goals.

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Why Suntra?

Outstanding Quality Care

An expert team plus research-proven treatment protocols equals outstanding outcomes.

Amazing Client Service

Attention to detail and a focus on the client allows us to deliver an amazing service experience

No Judgments!

We’ll meet you wherever you are in your recovery and help you achieve your goals.

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

Discretion is key to what we do and we’re focused on maintaining confidentiality at all times.

Clear Pricing

Upfront prices communicated transparently and you will never receive a surprise bill.

Simple Communication

Whether by televisit, phone, email or text we make it easy to work with us.

Why private pay?

Suntra Modern Recovery is a private-pay service, which means we do not accept insurance. By keeping Suntra services private, we’re better able to protect our clients’ right to privacy, as well as the privacy of their family and loved ones.

Suntra clients appreciate the confidentiality that private-pay ensures, as well as the autonomy to make big decisions without worrying about prior authorizations or referral-requirements from third-party insurers.

Tailored Solution

Facts about addiction


In the last year 41 million people aged 12 or older needed treatment for a substance use disorder (SUD).


A Pew Research Center survey found that 118 million adults have a friend or family member with a current or past drug addiction.


Research with pilots and doctors shows that 5-Year addiction recovery rates exceeding 80% are possible with the right recovery plan.


Less than 10% of people who needed treatment for a substance use disorder received any treatment in the last year.

We succeed when our clients succeed

Suntra’s team of recovery specialists provides an innovative wrap-around service that helps families and individuals achieve long term recovery from substance use disorders.

We measure success not by the number of days a client’s been sober, but by their physical, emotional and spiritual progress in recovery. We don’t work for our clients, we work with our clients to help them build a new life, free from alcohol and drugs.

As seen on HBO

PAUSE with Sam Jay

“I’m just really grateful to have the opportunity to be interviewed,” says Roesh, “I think Sam Jay is really brave putting her own issues out there like that. It takes guts to self-question and take a real look inside and unpack your own social drinking and addictive tendencies on national television.”

— John Roesch, CASAC, CIP

Real testimonials from our clients

“The right path of recovery for family”

I would hands down recommend Suntra Modern Recovery to anyone coping with addiction in their lives! They were instrumental in helping me to determine the right path of recovery for my loved one. My coach was my partner throughout the entire process, empowering me with information, aiding in the selection of treatment and care teams, all the while pushing me to make some hard decisions.

As a family we have been so thankful for the level of support Adam and Lizzie have provided. With their support we have been coached through every stage of the process, allowing us to focus on showing love and developing a strong aftercare plan in partnership with our loved one.

“Suntra will save your life. Period.”

I was in a hotel room experiencing the absolutely darkest chapter of my life. The hole was deep but I was continuing to dig. He continued to stay in contact with me for over a week and managed to get in touch with my family who were also very concerned as well.

With care, compassion and strength they managed to pull the most stubborn, prideful, entitled guy (me) out of the hole and into a treatment program. I continue to have a relationship with Suntra Modern Recovery to this day and I am proud to say my life has never been better. Suntra will save your life. PERIOD.

“I am sober now and have sober friends”

When I contacted Suntra I needed help immediately. From the first moment we spoke he guided and assisted me through sobriety with zoom meetings, helped me identify my addiction, and connected me to the meetings and other resources that I will need to remain sober.

I work around alcohol, so they had me call or text before and after my shift to make sure I didn’t drink while there. They are passionate about sobriety, dedicated to their clients, and real. I am sober now and have sober friends because I contacted Suntra Modern Recovery. If you need sobriety, want private confidential help, this works.

Go anywhere your recovery takes you

Whether you’re at-home or away, Suntra virtual care options give our clients access to concierge recovery services from anywhere in the world. So you can go where your recovery takes you.