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What We Do

More than 20 million Americans have a substance use disorder and almost 90% of them get no specialized treatment.
Many need an alternative to traditional in-person approaches to drug and alcohol rehabilitation that are expensive, hard to access, and ineffective.
We recognize that busy people dealing with substance use disorders need a wrap-around treatment program built around their needs.
Working with Suntra Modern Recovery people can achieve recovery sooner and maintain recovery for the long term.

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How Can We Help?

Suntra Modern Recovery helps people battling addiction (as well as their families and friends) get access to effective treatment that can help them achieve long term recovery from drugs and alcohol.
I need help maintaining my recovery or accessing treatment

Achieving and maintaining recovery requires hard work and the right resources. Suntra Modern Recovery helps individuals access care providers like coaches and psychiatrists, medication assisted treatment with buprenorphine and naltrexone, and a comprehensive educational curriculum.

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Someone I love needs treatment and I don’t know what to do

Addiction impacts so many of us, but when helping a loved one find the right care most people have to start from scratch. Working with Suntra Modern Recovery simplifies the process of getting someone to treatment, leveraging our deep addiction expertise, relationships, and expert network of providers.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

This team was great. We needed an intervention for a family member and they’re service was really impactful at a crucial time. Personable and detailed and with the right amount of tough love to get our loved one the care they need. Intervention was successful for our loved one.

Tony V.

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Adam Banks at Suntra was very helpful in my family member achieving recovery. He started with a long conversation about options and helped to make a plan. We had to do an intervention, he was with us the entire time. We had a million questions and he was patient with everyone. He should have been a school teacher. Very outstanding gentleman.

Jamie G.

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I have worked professionally with the team at Suntra. They have treated all of my clients with the utmost respect and dignity. There is no stigma around addiction with Suntra - they dive right in and figure out what's going on - and they help out. I have seen their interventions first hand - they approach addiction with love and understanding.

Elwood D.

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Getting Started with Suntra Modern Recovery is easy. Call today to learn more.

Achieving sustained recovery can be challenging, but with the right resources and right team recovery is possible! You can do this and getting started is simple.
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Step 1. Free Consult Call

Speak with one of our experienced care coaches and learn about how Suntra Modern Recovery can help.

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Step 2. Build A Custom Program

Our team will develop a customized treatment program that can help you reach your recovery goal.

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Step 3. Begin Treatment

Since treatment is telemedicine-based, you can begin the road to recovery today anytime, anywhere.

Suntra Modern Recovery is a private-pay service and we do not accept insurance. Our clients appreciate the confidentiality that private-pay ensures and the ability to work with us directly without worrying about decisions made by third-party insurers.

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Why Suntra?

Outstanding Quality Care

An expert team plus research-proven treatment protocols equals outstanding outcomes.

Amazing Client Service

Attention to detail and a focus on the client allows us to deliver an amazing service experience

No Judgments!

We'll meet you wherever you are in your recovery and help you achieve your goals.

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

Discretion is key to what we do and we're focused on maintaining confidentiality at all times.

Clear Pricing

Upfront prices communicated transparently and you will never receive a surprise bill.

Simple Communication

Whether by televisit, phone, email or text we make it easy to work with us.

What Are We About?

Recovery is personal to us. As patients and as providers we’ve been there, done that, and seen that. Our personal journeys inform our mission and help us ground the work we do every day.

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We're passionate about providing the best client service and supporting our clients in any way they want to interact with us including via phone, text and email.
We're proudly based in New York City and we serve clients in all 50 states.
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