Early addiction screening can help individuals and families find the right treatment before it progresses

Suntra Modern Recovery is care navigation platform that enables the early identification and treatment of addiction

We help individuals and families quickly access the support services they need to achieve and maintain long-term recovery. We deliver a wrap-around solution that includes care navigation, family and individual counseling, education and training, and group support.

We offer guidance, resources, and advocacy to connect individuals and their families with appropriate professionals and treatment options.

Our trained professionals provide support virtually to help individuals and families manage their mental and emotional well-being.

Our online courses, webinars, and videos provide valuable education and training that helps families and individuals through their recovery journey.

Professionally facilitated support forums offer individuals and families essential peer identification and meaningful connections.

Our Mission

Our mission is to dramatically increase the number of people evaluated and treated for substance use disorders, focusing on screening, brief interventions, and referral to the appropriate level of treatment.


In the last year 41 million people aged 12 or older needed treatment for a substance use disorder (SUD).


A Pew Research Center survey found that 118 million adults have a friend or family member with a current or past drug addiction.


Less than 10% of people who needed treatment for a substance use disorder received any treatment in the last year.


Research with pilots and doctors shows that 5-Year addiction recovery rates exceeding 80% are possible with the right recovery plan.

As seen on HBO

PAUSE with Sam Jay

“I’m just really grateful to have the opportunity to be interviewed,” says Roesh, “I think Sam Jay is really brave putting her own issues out there like that. It takes guts to self-question and take a real look inside and unpack your own social drinking and addictive tendencies on national television.”

— John Roesch, CASAC, CIP

Real testimonials from our clients

“The right path of recovery for my loved one”

I would hands down recommend Suntra Modern Recovery to anyone coping with addiction in their lives! They were instrumental in helping me to determine the right path of recovery for my loved one. My coach was my partner throughout the entire process, empowering me with information, aiding in the selection of treatment and care teams, all the while pushing me to make some hard decisions.

As a family we have been so thankful for the level of support Adam and Lizzie have provided. With their support we have been coached through every stage of the process, allowing us to focus on showing love and developing a strong aftercare plan in partnership with our loved one.

“Suntra will save your life. Period.”

I was in a hotel room experiencing the absolutely darkest chapter of my life. The hole was deep but I was continuing to dig. He continued to stay in contact with me for over a week and managed to get in touch with my family who were also very concerned as well.

With care, compassion and strength they managed to pull the most stubborn, prideful, entitled guy (me) out of the hole and into a treatment program. I continue to have a relationship with Suntra Modern Recovery to this day and I am proud to say my life has never been better. Suntra will save your life. PERIOD.

“I am sober now and have sober friends”

When I contacted Suntra I needed help immediately. From the first moment we spoke he guided and assisted me through sobriety with zoom meetings, helped me identify my addiction, and connected me to the meetings and other resources that I will need to remain sober.

I work around alcohol, so they had me call or text before and after my shift to make sure I didn’t drink while there. They are passionate about sobriety, dedicated to their clients, and real. I am sober now and have sober friends because I contacted Suntra Modern Recovery. If you need sobriety, want private confidential help, this works.

Get Help Whenever, Wherever You Need It

Whether you’re at-home or away, Suntra Modern Recovery’s virtual care options give our clients access to high quality addiction and mental health support services from anywhere in the world.